When your friend enrolls, activates and receives a recurring direct deposit you get $10.00. You need to be a Mango cardholder to start. Enter the RPID number from the back of your Mango Mastercard® below to get started. See terms and conditions for full program guidelines.

Here’s how it works:

    1. Enter your personal RPID from the back of your Mango Prepaid Mastercard to create a unique referral link.
    2. Share that link, in any way you wish, with friends or family who want to get the freshest way to save and manage their money.
    3. Get $10 deposited into your Mango Prepaid Mastercard account for each friend who applies (using your unique link for their own Mango Prepaid Mastercard® ) and receives a qualifying* payroll or Federal benefit direct deposit to his or her account.


*To qualify for the Referral Bonus, the referred friend must (i) be a new cardholder, (ii) provide the referral ID of the referring cardholder when applying for a new card, (iii) set the PIN for their new card and (iv) direct deposit a paycheck or Federal benefit of at least $50.00. Only then will the referring cardholder’s card be loaded with $10. Cardholders are unlimited in referrals per year and may receive a 1099 for amounts above $500 and cardholders are responsible for any required taxes. Referring cardholders may only earn one referral bonus per referred friend. Referred persons acknowledge that payment of their referral may result in the referring cardholder’s knowledge of the referred person establishing an account. This optional offer is not provided by nor endorsed by Metropolitan Commercial Bank.