Keep more of your own money with Mango

Our goal is to help you get more out of your money, which is why we charge you only what we have to.

Removing Funds From Your Card
ATM Withdrawal (US)$3.00Other third parties, such as an ATM owner, may charge additional fees.
ATM Withdrawal (Int’l)$4.95 + 3% of withdrawal amountPer withdrawal.
POS Purchase (Int’l)$3.00 + up to 3% of purchase amountPer POS PIN Debit Purchase -see “Sec. 19 Int’l Transaction Fee.”
Bank Teller Withdrawal$2.50Per withdrawal.
Other Fees
ATM Balance Inquiry$1.00Per inquiry.
ATM Withdrawal (Declined)$1.00Per ATM decline.
Monthly Fee$5.00Monthly Fee charged the last day of the full month following card issuance, and monthly thereafter. For example, if you get your card on October 30, your first monthly fee would be assessed on November 30. The Monthly Fee is waived if you have $800 or more in direct deposits.
Inactivity Fee$8.00Inactivity fee replaces Monthly Fee after 90 days of inactivity.
Close Card$10.00Charged when you close your Card and includes the cost of issuing a check to you for the remaining balance in your Card account, if any.
Expedite Card$29.95Expedited delivery typically 4-7 business days; standard delivery typically 7-10 business days.
Custom CardUp to $9.95Per custom card image


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