10 of the Most Popular Toys EVER


As much as it might seem that computers and cell phones that can do everything short of microwave a meal have taken over in the past decade, I am here to tell you—no, reassure you, fellow Americans—that the toy industry is still alive and well.

Okay, perhaps you weren’t all that worried about the toy industry anyway—you were probably too busy playing with your computer. But that’s okay. Even with the introduction of the all-consuming Twitter, apps, and whatever else you crazy kids are fiddling with these days, the old classics like dolls and figurines are still thriving.

Now they just come with an iPod to get you to buy them. (Just kidding.)

Some of the “classic toys” are still at the top of their game; but some (remember the pet rock…?) seem to have reached their expiration. As in finished. Kaput. Game over.

So check out this infographic to find out just how popular these 10 kings in the toy industry really were when they were first released for the holidays.

10 best selling holiday christmas gifts

What would you love to get from Santa’s Toy bag this year?

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