The Money Power of Moms


This weekend is Mother’s Day, and it’s a time when we show our appreciation to that special lady in our lives for tending to scraped knees, filling empty stomachs, and teaching us important lessons. If you think you’ve got a good handle on your cash, then this year be sure to tell Mom thanks for passing along her money management skills to you because whether you realize it or not, moms’ fiscal decisions keep America’s households running.

Check out our video tribute to the economic power of mothers everywhere. Afterwards, share it with your mom then tell us what she thought!

Sources: U.S. Census 2010, Money by Liz Perle, Women and Affluence 2010


- Over 90% of married women identified themselves as the principal shopper in their household.

(wedding cake, to bride and groom, to grooms falling; grocery bag popping up)

-This translates to 52 million women making the day-to-day financial decisions for their families.

(Shopping list, gavel, up pops 52 million)

- And since the average household spends just over $49k a year, this means these women are directing $2.5 trillion dollars.

(pan down neighborhood to show houses with “$49,000″, houses fall to show a control room where a woman directs a $2.5 trillion monster)

-But it doesn’t stop with spending in budgeting. In 2009, 2/3 of women were responsible for their families financial planning and investing

(Line of women planting seeds, watering, and money trees grow)

- And because 86% of mothers discuss finances and money with their families

(Kids on knee of mother with speech bubble with money sign)

-Their children get the benefits of over $2 trillion worth of money advice.

(All fades out except dollar signs)


Not only do women carry the purses, but they control the purse strings. (Army of women with purses, walking up to tug-o-war rope on the line. When they pull it pans to show that its actually a purse string.) This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate Mom by remembering all of her penny-pinching, wealth-growing habits. (Fingers drop a penny into a pot of soil, a plant and beautiful daisy sprout out. )After all, Mom knows best. :)


What did your Mom teach you about money?

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