Calorie burning without burning through funds


Recently we told you how to eat healthy on a budget, in our post, Healthy Waist, Healthy Wallet, and today’s post tackles the other side of staying healthy: fitness.

It seems like some people dread working out like others dread a trip to the dentist—maybe even more so. But getting exercise doesn’t have to be painful, not on you, and certainly not on your wallet.

These tips will have you breathing hard and sweating, but because you’re getting a great workout—not because of your latest bank statement. Remember; always consult with your doctor before starting a workout program.

1)   Do bodyweight exercises

Don’t worry about buying expensive equipment—use your own bodyweight to strengthen muscles and burn fat. Need some inspiration? Check out Extreme Bodyweight Workouts, where a new bodyweight workout is posted every day.




2)   Run or Walk

Many cities have trails for biking and running, but if there isn’t one nearby, just hit the pavement! Take a jog around your neighborhood, and if that isn’t challenging enough, break up the run with bodyweight exercises, like squats and lunges. Building muscle boosts your metabolism, so if you want to lose weight, you’ll have to add muscle and get cardio.



3)   Use Local Parks/Schools

Local parks are a great place to get some good exercise. Not only is there plenty of space for your cardio work, but you can also use things like benches or even playground equipment as tools in your workout.

Public school’s tracks are also a great way to work out. You can closely monitor your distance (one loop around most tracks is ¼ a mile), and you can use the bleachers, benches, etc. to do things like dips, step-ups, jump-ups, etc.


4)   Use what you’ve got

You have work out equipment at your home, you just might not know it yet. Just think about the items you have in your home that might be used as weights. Heavy books? Cans of beans? Water bottles? You can even easily make heavy sand bags for exercises like thrusters and press-ups. There are endless options for working out, and you can do most of it with what you already have.



5)   Get Online

Yes, seriously. If you want to change it up and are out of ideas for a workout, get on for some free workout videos, or you can even find several complete workout programs online for free. Try for some great workouts.

So, even if you are strapped for cash, you can always work out for free! So no excuses—get out there and get some exercise!


Do you have an amazing idea for a workout on a budget? Comment below!


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