Teach Your Kids to Sing the Financial ABCs


"We would never send our kids to school and not teach them the ABCs," said Lori Mackey, founder of Prosperity 4 Kids in a recent WSJ article.

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about preparing young kids for their financial futures. Experts agree that money lessons have the most impact on young audiences. And while it’s never too late to pick up good financial habits, it’s important that children learn the best practices for money management so they can hopefully avoid the financial mistakes that we wish we hadn’t committed.

Here at the Grove, we think every one should work to build their money know-how regardless of age. But, then again, why wait? If you have young kids, siblings, or nieces and nephews, why not be the person to show them the value of understanding personal finance. It’s not just learning about money; it’s about how money affects our lives.

To help kickoff your child’s journey to becoming a personal finance guru, we’ve pulled together a list of easy and fun online resources.

  • Practical Money Skills: A website that advocates, “Financial Literacy for Everyone.” They have money-related games for kids ages 4-12 and the themes range from shopping, to traveling, to NFL.
  • Gen i Revolution: An sci-fi themed online game geared towards middle school and high school students with interactive missions where players are asked to help others overcome a financial crisis.
  • Planet Orange: An online, interactive world geared towards kids ages 6-11 from ING Direct. Through games and activities, it teaches kids about earning, saving, spending, and investing.
  • Prosperity 4 Kids: Online resource for parents to find toys and books about financial education.
  • Jump$tart: A national coalition of groups who advocate financial education for kids of all ages. Their website links to resources and activities, such as the Reality Check, which shows kids the cost of their lifestyle.
  • Junior Achievement: A non-profit organization that implements financial literacy and entrepreneurship programs in over 400,000 after-school and classroom locations. You can check their website to see if they offer a program in your town, and if not, you can request one.


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