How to Make Money Online Part III: Facebook


Last week in our make money online series, we covered several ways that you can make money with eBay, even if you’re not a seller. The week before we gave you the rundown on making money with YouTube. And so this week we’ll cover a little something called Facebook.

Of course you’ve heard of Facebook, you probably have an account, and you’re likely even logged in right now. But did you realize that all of those hours you spend chatting, updating your status, or secretly photo stalking an ex, you could be making money on Facebook? Well that’s why we’re here, our Online Aficionados. Here are the five ways that you can make money online with Facebook.

1)   Sell items in the Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is an often-overlooked feature of the social media site, but don’t underestimate the selling power here! Not only will this app alert your Facebook friends when you’re selling something, but you’re also told when businesses and friends in your area are selling something that you Like (that’s capital L, as in you really Like it on Facebook.) Marketplace on Facebook is a great option if you don’t want to deal with the strangeness of eBay or Craigslist—you can sell items to close friends, friends of friends, or acquaintances, and feel good about the transaction.

2)   Invent something awesome. Okay, that makes it sound a little more complicated than it is, but it sounded cool, huh? What I mean is, if you have an idea for a Facebook Application (the game Mafia Wars, Farmville, or even the Marketplace app are examples of these), if you can bring that idea to fruition, it can really pay off. Don’t worry, if you’re not a computer whiz, there are plenty out there who might help you out—you could even post an ad on Marketplace! Remember, you don’t need to know how all of the pieces will come together in the beginning; you just need to have the idea. Check out this inspirational video to see how one man created his app, Up Up Ubi.

3)   Write an eBook. Last week we discussed selling an eBook on eBay, but you can also sell them in Facebook’s Marketplace. And what better topic to cover than something you are passionate about (a.k.a. something you’re really good at.  Many people with specialized knowledge take it for granted and an eBook is a perfect way to capitalize on your special skills.

4)   Show some ads. Do you have a ton of Facebook friends? Well then that means you have a large audience and could make some money by simply hosting ads on your Facebook. Check out Chitika or Google AdSense to find out more (you can just search for them in Facebook’s search bar!)  You can even customize the ads to reflect what your friends are interested in!

5)   Become an affiliate. This is very similar to showing ads on your page, but it is a bit more direct. You can register with an affiliate networking site, like ClickBank or Maxbounty, and pick a product that your Facebook audience (your friends) would be interested in. You’ll be given a link with your affiliate ID embedded in it, and whenever one of your friends clicks on the ad and buys that product or service, you’ll make a small commission. It isn’t a fortune, but hey, you’re on Facebook anyway, right? Might as well make some extra cash.

And those are five pretty simple ways you can make money online with Facebook. I hope you guys have enjoyed this series! Now go forth, Facebook Fanatics, and make some money!

Do you have any other tips for making money online?


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